Every minute your child goes to the dance studio is a minute not on the street.

Every minute your child practices, he/she is not in front of a computer, mobile phone or television.

Every minute you child is at dance school, they will learn very important values such as respect, discipline, honour, perseverance, generosity, companionship, work and self-sufficiency….etc.

Every minute your child practices exercise, he/she will learn healthy habits: sleep, diet, exercise and hygiene.

Every minute your child attends dance training, they will learn social skills: leadership, communication, empathy, teamwork and humility. 

He/she will discover the joy of expressive movement. 

Dance with us! Open classes for ages 6-9 and 10-14. 

Contact us at: 902-809-1460.


2024 Summer Camp

Fusion Performing Arts Camp

Our camp introduces the campers to a range of fundamental performing arts principles, including a variety of dance styles, drama/improv, and prop-making. They build skills in self-confidence, teamwork, public speaking, problem solving and innovative thinking.

The camp concludes with a performance for friends and family on the final day.

2024 dates and fees will be announced early in the 2024 year.